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IMPACT COMPONENTS is a supplier of quality electronic components specializing in integrated circuits. We offer a highly reliable supply source for components which may be end of life or obsolete, as well as a viable source of cost saving on currently available components.

Our parts are backed by a full guarantee to be factory new, unused and in full compliance with each manufacturers specifications.

Just give us a call and we'll do the rest. We source any brand, and our goal isn't met until we have provided the parts your company needs.


Independent Distributors have become an integral and needed part of every successful manufacturer’s supply chain.

We have noticed a distinct role that independent distributors play in supporting the needs of OEMs and CMs.

To keep their production lines running, customers must partner with independent distributors. Authorized (franchised) distributors cannot service all of the potential customers in a $300 billion semiconductor industry.

Independent distribution has proven itself over time be a valuable resource to the electronics manufacturing community as a means to secure components, and in many cases, as a tool for cost savings to maintain viability in an increasingly competit

Independent distributors should be ISO 9000/AS9100 certified and ANSI/ESD S20.20 certified.

In a marketplace oriented to continuous influx of new deliveries and often without regard for delivery deadlines or bloated inventories, the independent distribution channel stands alone as a flexible solution to both problems facing manufacturers

Independent Distributors who are members of IDEA undergo a detailed audit that monitors every aspect of the company’s procedures and capabilities. Dealing with an IDEA Member when buying from the independent channel should be a must.

Due to the low margins caused by extreme competition, independent distributors are integral to the success of the EMS industry by offering cost reduction strategies.

It is vital to keep the pulse on market trends and conditions. Due to the various changes we see in the market, a sharing network like IDEA

Customers have experienced increasing concern over the issue of receiving substandard parts.

It is estimated that 80% of top contract manufacturers work with independent distributors in some fashion. There is an obvious need for independent distribution.

Authentic product is not a value-add; it is an expectation that customers have when utilizing the independent channel. As a supplier, it is our obligation to ensure the necessary steps have been taken with no exceptions.

Quality independent distributors allow customers to reduce costs associated with obsolescence, shortages, and nonconforming product.

Independent Distributors form a critical part of the supply chain. Our value shows every single day in the way we get critical parts to the line. Many of our customers can’t say enough about the way we solve those problems.

Due to the nature of the electronics manufacturing industry and the fact that technology becomes obsolete, independent distributors will always be needed to help secure obsolete and discontinued parts.

A 2008 study reported that as much as $58 billion of technology products were passing through the gray market. This accounts for approximately 6% to 8% of the total market revenue.

Gone are the days of merely filling "gaps" in supply or selling obsolete components. Independent distributors are now offering services that have brought the channel into the forefront of any successful supply chain.

Gone are the days when customers said they did not need to use independent distributors. They are now actively looking to partner with quality independent distributors to satisfy pressing needs.

In business, reputation is everything. Successful independent distributors aren’t successful by luck. They spend years building their brand, refining their business, and earning their customers’ trust.

OEM/CM manufacturers typically require a matrix of approved independent distribution partners as a necessary part of the overall supply chain to keep up with the increasing demand for parts in support of a growing worldwide market.

According to ongoing ODM market surveys, approximately 3% of all board level electronic components become obsolete each month. No company is better equipped to mitigate these risks then IDEA Members.

Penton's Design Engineering & Sourcing Group surveyed design engineers in August 2013.

The market is always jumping, no matter the state of the economy. Many people think independent distributors only participate in major shortages. This is far from the truth.