Company Profile


IMPACT COMPONENTS is a supplier of quality electronic components specializing in integrated circuits. We offer a highly reliable supply source for components which may be end of life or obsolete, as well as a viable source of cost saving on currently available components.

Our parts are backed by a full guarantee to be factory new, unused and in full compliance with each manufacturers specifications.

Just give us a call and we'll do the rest. We source any brand, and our goal isn't met until we have provided the parts your company needs.

Open market sourcing requires a uniquely specific skill. While the vast majority of availabilities consist of excess unused components, there are many instances where parts are offered that have been "pulled" from boards and "refurbished."

Below are some examples of parts that didn't meet our standards that other companies try to pass off as sellable inventory. Roll your mouse over each component part to see why.

What We See What They See

Impact Components does not operate in this segment of the industry. We offer only new and unused components. Below are our standard and value added services.

Standard Services

  • World Wide Sourcing

  • Microscopic Quality Inspection

  • Multi-lingual Staff

  • Expedited / Guaranteed Delivery

  • Cross Reference Information

  • EOL Notification

Value Added Services

  • V.M.I.

  • Kitting

  • Programming

  • Lead Forming

  • Tape & Reel / De-Tape & Reel

  • Baking / Dry Packing

  • Component Testing