What is an "Independent Electronics Distributor" and what service do they provide?

The Independent Distributor is in business to assist the buyer in sourcing. Parts may be discontinued, allocated, have long lead times, or simply be unavailable. With an extensive database of available parts and worldwide sources, the Independent Distributor has established and organized their business on being ready and able to support your sourcing efforts at a moment's notice. Independent distributors, like Impact Components, help buyers to take that extra step in finding the parts that they need.

How does Impact Components differ from a "Franchised Distributor?"

Impact's business is to stand ready and able to support your sourcing efforts at a moment's notice. This means not only checking our own inventory but the stock of suppliers all over the world! A franchised distributor sources only within their own "stock" availability, leaving you out of luck if the parts you need are not available or the lead times are unacceptable. In addition, franchised pricing is based on factory pricing, using Impact Components avails you to the advantages of significant cost savings from worldwide supply channels.

Should I use Impact Components instead of a franchised distributor?

Calling Impact Components very often means the difference between meeting production schedules or having a line down. In many cases, in times of market excess, we can supply many components at a significantly lower cost. Most of our customers use Impact as a supplement to franchised distribution. Not happy with availability, pricing or lead times? Call us and allow us to source on your behalf.

How often will I use Impact Components?

How often do you run into difficulty finding a component, getting it at the right price, or meeting scheduling requirements? Whether it is once a year or daily, Impact is happy to assist you - and we guarantee a response to your request within 24 hours.

What are the advantages of using Impact Components?

Impact provides a value added service not available from your franchised distributor. With just one fax or phone call to Impact, you initiate a worldwide search for the component you need. This saves you valuable time and effort by letting us do the work for you. Our screening program also provides the customer with the security of knowing the components supplied will be of the highest quality.

Once I place a request with Impact Components, am I obligated to buy?

Absolutely not. We understand the competitive nature of the market. Sending in a request for quote is simply that, it is not a guarantee or commitment to buy. With Impact Components, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking for help.

What about cost?

In today's electronics economy, pricing is very much a function of supply and demand. Our ability to source a "supply" will mean a better price for you. When requesting a quote, we ask that you provide a "target price" - that is, how much you wish to pay for a component. This enables us to stay within your budgetary constraints when sourcing.

How does Impact Components ensure customer satisfaction?

Impact Components prides itself on a worldwide reputation for responsiveness, reliability and integrity. Here are some of the reasons for Impact's success:
We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, making customer service our number one priority. Call for toll-free phone numbers within the USA, or toll-free fax numbers from many overseas locations.
Impact Components offers an unconditional guarantee on the parts you purchase.
We respond to all requests within 24 hours.
Impact Components' worldwide resources include:
Four branch offices worldwide.
A global network of suppliers from Silicon Valley to Tokyo.
An extensive database of inventories.
Customers the world over have benefited from Impact Components' service. Call for the names and numbers of several who are willing to share their experience with you!

How do I get Impact to work for me?

Call or fax us today! Simply provide the part number, brand name, quantity, target price and delivery requirements for the component you need. Our customer service representatives will get started immediately and update you on their progress within 24 hours.