Impact Components embraces a hybrid organizational structure in order to provide OEM and CM’s with a blended business solution to service all their electronic requirements. As an international company, we have direct relationships and franchise agreements in place across the globe to provide the highest reliability standards that you would expect when procuring electronic components from a franchised distributor or factory direct representative. Prices are typically equal to or better than what you are receiving today. Our 3 separate, but interrelated business segments allow our customers the flexibility to take advantage of our multifaceted capabilities.
The Impact Components segment (supports and provides) a reliable distribution service on any active or passive component needs right up to our turnkey services producing fully populated PCBA’s and complete box builds. If you’re satisfied with your current CM, then we can provide the logistics required to drive cost out of the component BOM and consign kits to your CM. Our third business segment, Impact Display Solutions Division will assist in the design of any new value-added display solution that an OEM may be looking to add into their current or new generation of products. 

  • Distribution
  • Turnkey
  • Integration