Impact Components' primary responsibility is to our customers. We are dedicated and committed to supplying the highest quality services and products. We recognize that our success, and our customers' success, depends on our commitment to quality.

Open market sourcing requires a uniquely specific skill. While the vast majority of availabilities consist of excess unused components, there are many instances where parts are offered that have been "pulled" from boards and "refurbished".

Our Quality Guarantee:

In an ever-changing market trust a company with over 25 years of stability.  Avoid broken promises, costly shutdowns, shipping delays, wire fraud, and back door dealing.

Impact Components is an ISO 9000 registered company. We are proud members of the IDEA and ERAI industry organizations. All product is fully inspected to IDEA 1010-STD-B requirements. Rest easy knowing your parts and materials are handled and packaged with care in a registered ESD facility and then delivered to you, factory new and unused by people who care about quality just as much as you do. 

Below are some of the examples of parts that didn't meet our standards that other companies try to pass off as sellable inventory. Roll your mouse over each component part to see why.

What We See What They See



We offer only new and unused components. As such, to screen out the components that have been re-circulated into the marketplace, we have installed a strict incoming inspection and screening process. Our warehouse staff have successfully passed the IDEA-ICE-3000 professional inspectors certification exam.


...Impact Components is in the TOP TEN list of all our suppliers and is in fact our American number 1 supplier.
Purchasing Manager
...Impact has been able to locate extremely difficult to find parts.
Bell Howell Postal Systems Inc. Imaging Division
Purchasing Manger
Impact has been very helpful in locating stock...
Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Senior Buyer/Planner
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